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Sestri Levante

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Hotel Helvetia

Sestri Levante

Hotel Miramare

Sestri Levante

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Grand Hotel Miramare

S. Margherita Ligure

Imperiale Palace Hotel

Santa Margherita Ligure

La Madonetta


Eremo di S. M. Maddalena

Monterosso al Mare

Sestri Levante: introduction

Sestri Levante Hotel

Sestri Levante is situated in the heart of the Ligurian Levant, at the edge of the Tigullio Gulf, on the Gromolo plane, and it is linked both in the past and the present to the sea.

Originally an old merchant and maritime center, Sestri Levante has become an important tourist destination.

To see: the Rizzi Gallery, the Gualino Castle, the Church of St Nicolò of the island, Palazzo Fascie, the Dolphin Nativity scene, the Church of St Sabina in Trigoso, Palazzo Negretto Cambiaso. Among the events, the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.

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Sestri Levante: suggestions from the hotels

Imperiale Palace Hotel

5 Star Hotels

Maria Giovanna Argiolas

(Room Division Manager)

Santa Margherita Ligure is a lovely town overlooking the Tigullio' s Gulf, surrounded by a park of Portofino's Mount. (Imperiale Palace Hotel) →

Villa i Poggioli

House rental

Rossella Tommei

(Proprietario e gestore)

Rossella Tommei

CINQUE TERRE a man made landscape between sky and sea. Our guests are attracted by this unique scenery, but this is not the one! We... (Villa i Poggioli) →

Hotel Miramare

4 Star Hotels

Claudia Torazza

(Capo Ricevimento)

Because of the beauty of the Tigullio's Gulf with its seaside villages and the carrugi (the colored houses) of Sestri Levante, a jewel... (Hotel Miramare) →

Sestri Levante: places to see in the area